Takashima automatic machine of drill a hole

Welcome to Takashima Vietnam. Our company specializes in processing components for electrical, electronics, cars, manufacturing all-purpose mechanical machines, precision mechanical products, etc., based on precision machining technology. high. We currently have factories in Japan, Vietnam and China and sales offices in Hong Kong. We set up the company philosophy of "Taking the customer first, improving the quality of the whole power, towards a trusted company"

Followings are the Takashima related company.

  1. Takashima Sangyo company limited : ISO-13361,ISO9001,ISO14001 http://www.takashima.co.jp
  2. Takashima shenzhen limited http://www.takashima-cn.com
  3. Takashima Hongkong http://www.takashima.hk
  4. Takashima vietnam limited : ISO-9001 http://www.takashima-vn.com



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